A smarter home

The Ewa Switch can be used in your house, apartment or at the office. From your phone, you can check that your lights and electrical appliances have been switched off.

Never come home to a dark home

With the Ewa Switch you can turn on your lights before you come home, so that you never have to come home to a dark home. It is up to you to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Follow your energy usage

Follow your energy usage in the Ewa Home App. There is a cost calculator in the app, just fill in your kWh price and you can track your monthly electricity cost.

Be notified

You can set notifications, so if the freezer should stop working or if the coffeemaker is left on, the Ewa Home App will let you know.

Access to your home whenever and wherever

The Ewa Switch is easy to use. You only need to connect to your Wi-Fi and from the Ewa Home App, you can control every room in your home through your phone. Wherever and whenever you want to.

Ewa Home on Youtube

Ewa App Walkthrough

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