About Us



Magdalena and Stefan met in Copenhagen 2009 and fell madly in-love. Thinking back to the beginning is still very much like a fairy tale to us. The Dane who loves Danish design, beautiful architecture and building his own business. The Swede who literally grew up in the family companies and who loves to travel and try new things.  Ewa Home is a family company built from love and with strong values and a Scandinavian heritage.


With love for the home and family! At Ewa Home we are passionate about making great products that fit right into everyday life. Our vision is to make quality products that are functional, purposeful, simplifies life, and are appealing (beautiful) to look at.

Simplify your everyday life

Ewa products are made by home-lovers to home-lovers who wants to take care of their home and family. Try the Ewa Switch and discover how Ewa can simplify your everyday life.

The name Ewa

Maybe you wonder where the name Ewa comes from? It´s the name of Magdalena’s mother. We changed the “v” to a “w” because the Ewa products are wireless. As simple as that!

Ewa’s goal

One of our goals is to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. Every sold Ewa Switch will contribute to the “Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation”. All collections are public – find them here: Childhood Cancer Foundation

You can follow our ”Ewa Home 2017” collection here 

Thank you for your help and support in this important cause.

From home-lovers to home-lovers

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Ewa Home, Sweden – Email: customer@ewahome.com