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About Us


Ewa is a family company with strong values and a bold vision. Our vision is to offer a great alternative to most tech products out there today. We want Ewa products to exemplify three focus areas:

  1. User experience is very important to us. We want customers to feel confident every time they use our product and app. First time users will intuitively know how to use the product and learn to navigate the app with great confident. As users become more experienced they will discover new valuable features waiting to be “found”.
  2. Contemporary exterior design that celebrates Swedish design at its best. Why should a sophisticated piece of electronics not look beautiful? With the Ewa Switch we aim to spark associations with other beautiful home interior and décor brands or even a small art piece.
  3. Our products are very sophisticated on the inside, which makes them able to do most tricks in the book.

We know these are bold statements that not all people are likely to agree with on first impression. Electronics are still tech stigmatized and mostly for sound reasons. However, we are here to challenge that. We are proud of the products we offer to you and hope that you will become a proud owner as you buy, test and hopefully benefit from them.

The Ewa Switch is made with everyday needs in mind and an aim to deliver the best design to our customers. We create functional, purposeful, quality products that pose an alternative in a complex world and the ability to connect to simple pleasures.

Ewa was founded in 2014 and our products can now be found online at ewahome.com and soon in selected stores around the world. Our offers include home and tech accessories, gift and home goods.


We work with skilled industrial designers to make products that are appealing to look at and that our customers will proudly want to show off to friends and family.

We have been testing for a long time and always aim at peeling away complexity and distraction to present the simplest and cleanest solution. Our goal is to make everyone able to get started without having to look in the user manual.

Ewa Home (Ewa Solutions AB) – Terminalgatan 19A, SE-235 39, Vellinge, Sweden – Org. no. 556940-3115 – Email: customer@ewahome.com