What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is a home that has some kind of automation system with which a house can be monitored and controlled.

It is a house equipped with devices connected to Internet that helps you out in some way or another. These devices communicate in some way, either with each other or with you.

This could for example be a device with which you can control things remotely, perhaps to change the temperature of your house when you’re in your office, or to switch off your coffee machine when you just took off with your car and suddenly realized that you forgot to turn it off.

A Smart Home could also be a home with devices that communicates with each other and reacts to the environment. These devices can then do stuff without you having to interfere, like the indoor temperature of your smart home changing depending on how close or far away from the house you are.

It could also be devices that gives you all kind of intelligent information, like a refrigerator that tells you when you need to go grocery shopping and what you need to buy.


The Benefits of having a Smart Home

With smart homes our lives gets a lot easier. Since your home will tell you when you need to fix stuff there is less for you to keep track off. You can relax and know that your home will tell you what is going, alert you when something is wrong and let you know when something needs to be fixed.

A Smart Home also gives you a more comfortable life. Who wouldn’t want to relax a few extra minutes in bed in the morning, while the coffee machine that you remotely turned on makes your first cup of coffee and the bedrooms warms up?!

You can also get a lot of help from your Smart Home, it could for example help you to feed your cat or unlock your door when you approach so you don’t have to put down all shopping bags to find your keys.

With this technology we can also reduce energy consumption, by optimizing how and when we used different devices.


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