Smart Objects – SOs

All of us our familiar with objects. They surround us and we interact with them all the time. But what is all this talk about Smart Objects, or SOs as some people call it, and what does Smart Object mean?


What makes an Object a Smart Objects

An normal object is simply a thing that we people can interact with. This could for example be a light button with which we switch the light on. 
Smart Objects on the other hand, are object that not only we humans but also other objects can interact with. Objects that, in some way, are autonomous and reacts to their environment is some way. 
These objects they can sense, store, process or operate autonomously and can either work on their own or together with other devices.


Different kinds of Smart Objects

There are different kinds of Smart Objects, physical smart objects and virtual smart objects. We’ll now have a look on what differs them.

A physical Smart Object

A physical smart object reacts in some way to something that happens in the physical world. That could be an interaction with another smart object or with us humans.

A virtual Smart Object

Virtual Smart Objects are objects that can describe its possible interactions, a virtual world where the smart objects themselves contain the information from the interaction between them.


Smart Objects and Internet of Things

For the Internet of Things movement Smart Objects plays an important role, not the least when it comes to how and in what way this technology will become a part of our everyday life. No matter if we are talking about simple small objects that we use in our daily lives or advanced objects used in our factories, these objects are pushing the development of Internet of Things forward, maybe even making it something so natural that we stop talking about Objects and Smart Objects and start see them simply as things.


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