Smart Living – a more enjoyable living

With smarter homes we get to enjoy a simpler and more convenient life in our homes. When things and devices takes care of things at home, we can spend our time on the activities we really want to do. We can relax and have a good time – we get a more enjoyable and smart living.


Smart devices giving you an intelligent home

Smart Devices can be complex system like devices that control the temperature and AC of your home, or security facilities that makes sure you have a secure home and that you can always know who enters your home, regardless of where you are.


Simple devices transforming our everyday life

But one doesn’t need to buy large complex devices to be able to experience a smarter living. Small smart devices can make a big difference in your everyday life. Things like the Smartplug from Ewa that we have developed can transform your home in just a few minutes. With it you can enjoy things like being able to dim the lights down from your sofa with your smartphone, or to turn on the coffee machine from your bed so you can enjoy that cup of coffee immediately when you rise to get up of bed to start a new day.


Smart Living, sustainable living

With smarter devices in our homes, we can also use our things more efficiently. Using lights, heating and cooling systems and other energy-consuming things only when we need them can reduce energy consumption and save us money at the same time.


What Smart Living means to us at Ewa Home

We at Ewa home has a passion for smart devices and smart living. With products with which you can supervise and control things that goes on in your home or the home of your loved one we believe that life will be both smarter and more enjoyable.


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