Smart Home Technology

A Smart Home is, as we described in this article is a home with devices that are connected to the Internet so that you can control and monitor your things and thus your home from devices like your smart phone, tablet or your computer. 
But how does this really work? In this article we will give you an introduction to Smart Home technology and how you can benefit from having this technology in your home.


What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home technology is a term to describe how we can use physical things like sensors, valves and actuators like motors and switches, together with networks and internet in order to monitor and control our homes. With Smart home technology one can program devices so that they can communicate with each other, an interaction that can be either between two machines (”machine-to-machine”) or between a machine and us humans (”human-machine”).


Standardization of Smart Home Technology

There is no explicit standardization of this technology today, whether for hardware, interfaces or for the electronic itself. Some people and companies has tried to create a standardization, but so far we see a variety of solutions on the market. Some companies use radio frequency signals, for some products companies use USB-ports or power circuits and some products are wireless.


How Smart Home Technology can benefit us

There are lots of ways to make use of the Smart Home technology. The products that are being developed with this technology can help us with anything from heating and ventilation or lightning and shading to security and energy optimization. There are also a lot of products built upon this technology that makes our life a bit more comfortable, helping us with small things in our everyday life like turn on the coffee maker from the bed so the coffee is ready when we get out of bed.


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