Smart Home Solutions

Looking for a way of controlling your home, property, hotel or real estate?

Whether you own individual houses or large properties, there are endless opportunities to get a connected house with different smart home solutions.


Different Smart Home Solution

One can say that there are two different ways to set up a smart home.
The first option is to buy a complete system where every thing and device is specially made and can be connected to the internet through some kind of software. This advanced option is often both costly and takes a lot of time to set up.

The other option one have is to invest in connected things by which your ordinary physical things gets connected. Doing this you often save both money and time since your investment is an add-on to the things you already have. Going with this solution also means that you can vary and change which things that you want to be connected.


Ewa Smartplug – a Smart Home Solution for all kinds of properties

The Ewa Smartplug is designed and developed to make it as easy as possible to connect a house or a room. By using a smartplug you can choose which products you want to be connected – that way you do not need to make a special order for each single product.


Save energy and money with Smart Home Solution

By using a smart plug, you can easily optimize the use of your things so that they are only used when needed. With a smartplug you can schedule and control lights, coffee machines, temperatures etc. so that you, your staff or your guests can enjoy these amenities while in the building – and when they leave, you can easily reduce or turn off these things and thus save both energy and money.


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