Smart home products

In the future we will probably have homes where pretty much all our devices are connected to internet in some way. But even today there are a lot of Smart Home products out in the market.


What is Smart Home Products

Smart Home products are products, devices or things that are connected to the Internet and can exchange data to other smart home products or some kind of system.
One can say that it is products made with two different components – the physical part of the device and the connected part which operate with some kind of processors and software. Together these two components form a product that exist both in the physical world and in the cloud.


Smart Home products – for the geeks or for ”normal people”?

As we said earlier there are a lot of different smart home products out on the market today – in homes around the world we can find all kinds of gadgets, monitors and appliances. 
One might think that these products are just for geeks, but when you think about it many ”normal people” have these products at home without even thinking about it.
Some of the most common products are light bulbs that you can control with your phone, thermostats with which you can monitor the cooling and heating of your home and security devices that keeps your home safe in different ways.


Smart Home products that makes things smart

There are also devices that almost turn ordinary things into connected things. Smart plugs for example can be used to control things like a normal coffee machine or a lamp. These things that in themselves are not connected can then be controlled and one could say that they indirectly gets connected.


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