Smart Home Definition – What is the definition of a Smart Home?

Expressions like Smart Home, Internet of Things and Connected Devices are buzz words that you nowadays hear everywhere. We thought that we would spend some time looking into the expression Smart Home and find out what defines a Smart Home.

There are many definitions of a Smart Home, which of course has to do with the fact that the concept is so new and, perhaps above all, because it is still being developed.

PC Mag defines it as ”A highly automated home. Also called the ’connected home,’ the dwelling is networked not only for computers and entertainment but also for security, heating, cooling, lighting and appliances.”

As we see it the definition of a Smart Home is a house where appliances and devices are connected and can communicate and synchronize with the owner of the house and/or each other and operate based on this communication.
It is a house with automatic systems which is connected and controls / manage things so that the people living in the house can get intelligent information about the house and get help with doing various things.


Technical requirements for Smart Homes

There are actually no specific technical requirements for a Smart Home. Just having one smart device or product in your home is enough for your home to become smart.

Using our Ewa Smartplug for example is a really quick way of turning your house into a Smart Home.
Considering the lack of specific requirements some people would say that many of us have a Smart Home without even knowing about it.
Many products like thermostats, speakers and energy products are actually connected to the internet and communicate with you or other devices.

These kinds of products have simply been around for a while and we might just have forgotten that they are actually smart devices. And many who develop these kinds of products would be very pleased at this fact, one of the major goals of smart products is precisely that products would manage a job for us so that we won’t have to think about them.


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