Monitoring devices

There are a lot of connected things that are developed to function as monitoring devices. Devices that keeps track off and reacts to their surrounding and communicate this information to other machines or to human beings.


Monitoring the environment

One of the most common kind of monitoring devices are monitors for the environment. These monitors uses some kind of sensor in order to perceive what is happening around them.
These kind of monitors could for example sense the temperature and quality of water and air. Some monitor devices are used to keep a track of how and where a herd of animals are moving.
There are also monitoring devices that can warn of a tsunami or an earthquake.


Monitoring Infrastructures

There are a lot of monitoring devices in our cities today. The IoT (Internet of Things) technology is built into many infrastructure systems such as bridges and railways. In these systems their main function is usually to schedule events and to control different functions of the system. By monitoring and operating these kind of infrastructure one is often able to improve the safety of workers.


Monitoring Devices for Healthcare

The most common monitoring devices used in healthcare today are probably devices for monitoring heart rate and blood pressure.
There are also a lot of connected products and devices in our homes today that we can use to keep an eye on our general well being and health. Scales connected to our wifi and gadgets or watches that keep track on how much we exercise are common IOT-devices that most of us are familiar with.


Monitoring our Homes

There are a lot of things that can help us monitor our homes. With connected things it is possible to monitor and control the heating and cooling of our homes, electrical things and gadgets like lamps and coffee machines, entertainment and communication systems, and the security of our homes.


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