Home of the future – smart homes of the Future

How do you image the Smart Homes of the Future will look like?
Will you have a home full of futuristic things and live in a world with robots and high-tech gadgets? Or are you rather dreaming of a future where the smart devices take care of themselves in such an natural way that you do not even think about them being there?


What is the Smart Homes of the Future?

The term Smart Homes of the Future is often used to describe how our homes will be like when they are filled with connected devices, how our homes will functions when Internet of Things has become as natural to as as having a bed in our bedroom or a table in our kitchen.
Exactly how this future will look like we don’t know yet, as always when it comes to the things that is about the future. The gadgets that we so far have seen are just a glimpse of all that is to come.


Exhibitions on Home of the Future

The last years there have been a number of exhibitions about the Home of the Future. Visiting these expos one can see a glimpse of how developers and companies working with Smart Home Technology imagine the Smart Homes of the future.


Ewa and the Smart Homes of the Future

We at Ewa Home are dreaming about Smart Homes that make our life easy and convenient, and we are very happy to be a part of this excited evolution of our homes.
With our products we aim to offer smart home solutions that brings the Internet of Things to everyone’s doorstep. We want everyone to feel like they are getting a little bite of the future when using our products – we want you to get the chance to experience a little bit of the Smart Homes of the Future.


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