The meaning of Internet of Things

Internet of Things, often referred to simply as IOT, is an expression that is getting more and more used. But what is Internet of Things? What does it mean? And what can one use it for?


The concept of IOT

The expression Internet of Things was first used by Kevin Ashton in 1999 to describe a system where things in the physical world was connected to internet via ubiquitous sensors.
There is still a some scattered opinions on both the concept and the meaning of the term, but most often it is used to describe devices that in some way are connected with internet.
To simplify it one could say that Internet of Things, or IOT, is all about connecting Things with Internet.


IOT products are already surrounding us

Some people might think that IOT is a concept and inventions that we will be seeing in the future, but there is a wide range of IOT products today.
It can be everything from devices like heart monitoring implants and wearable devices to things designed for everyday life like a washer or a coffee machine that you can monitor remotely.


The future of Internet of Things

In the future we will probably be so used to these kind of products that we’ll not even think about them as Internet of Things, but simply as things.
Gartner, an american analyst firm, predicts that we will have over 26 billion connected devices in 2020, just a few years from now.


Ewa Home and Internet of Things

We at Ewa Home are very proud to be a part of this exciting development, and are looking forward to see more and more homes becoming smarter and more connected. Our Ewa Smartplug is our first contribution to IOT, a smartplug that take care of your needs in a million of new ways! We believe that it is a good example of how the Internet of Things can be something so simple and functional that even our kids and old folks can use it today!


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