Digital living room

Our living rooms are an important part of our homes. We use these rooms to relax and enjoy a good time with our family and friends. In many houses they are also one of the bigger rooms so they often serve as the best place to iron and fold our clothes, to do our home workout or to fix broken stuff and much more. Our living rooms should simply work for many different things in various situations. 
This is probably the reason why many people who wants to get a smart home starts with getting a digital living room.


The benefits of having a digital Living Room

There are many things and devices that if they are connected can make your experience of your living room better. When you have crawled down under a cozy blanket in your sofa, ready to watch a movie or a TV-show, it is great to be able to dim down the lights without having to go up to reach the light switch. Or when you’re in bed and realizes that you are not sure if you turned off the iron after ironing clothes in the living room, it is great to be able to simply check it on your phone without having to get up again.


Easily create a digital living room with the Ewa Smartplug

In contrast to many other smart products it is easy and quick to create a digital living room if you choose to use the Ewa Smartplug. The smartplug itself has all the hardware and software you need to be able to control things like a lamp from your smartphone or tablet. You simply plug the lamp in the Ewa Smartplug and then the Smartplug in the outlet and your lamp is connected! With an app on your phone or tablet you can then start controlling the lamp in your digital living room!


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