Digital kitchen

Our kitchen is probably one of the rooms in our house where we have the most electrical devices. 
In addition to typical interior like lamps we have coffee machines and tea kettles, toasters for our morning bread, waffle irons and beaters, mixers and liquidizers. All this devices can be turned into digital devices, also known as connected devices, transforming your kitchen into a kitchen of the future.


Transform your traditional kitchen into a digital kitchen

Transforming your kitchen into a digital kitchen is easy to do and the benefits are many. A digital kitchen makes your everyday life more convenient, more enjoyable and more carefree. Being able to control your devices from your phone means that you can wake up and turn on the tea kettle or coffee machine from your bed, so that when you finally decide to leave your comfortable bed the morning coffee or tea is ready for you. It also means that you can use your phone to see whether or not you remembered to turn them off, so you don’t have to wonder and worry about it.


Set up a digital kitchen in minutes with the Ewa Smartplug

The Ewa Smartplug is a small smartplug that you use together with your already existing kitchen devices. There is no need to buy new kitchen products like expensive Smart coffee machines, tea kettles with embedded software or other advances and expensive products – with the Ewa Smartplug you just continue using your products just as before.


How to use the Ewa Smartplug in your digital kitchen

Choose a kitchen device you already have at home that you would want to connect, like for example your bread toaster. Just plug the bread toaster in the Ewa Smartplug and then, just as simple as that, plug the Smartplug into the outlet and your bread toaster has become a smart device connected to the internet!


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