Digital corridor

Sometimes we think about a corridor, hall or passage simply as a room we pass on our way to the next room. But a corridor is so much more then just a space to pass by! When we think about it many of us spend quite some time in our corridors – perhaps this is where you blow dry your hair after a shower or curl your hair before going out. Maybe this is where you charge your phone or iron your shirts.
So why not turning your corridor into a digital corridor and making it a Smart Connected Home Corridor?!


Set up a digital corridor in minutes with the Ewa Smartplug

The Ewa Smartplug is a smartplug that you add to your electrical devices and with which you can then monitor and turn on and off your devices from your smartphone or tablet.
Since you do not need any extra equipment you are with the Ewa Smartplug getting a digital corridor with connected devices in just a few minutes.
Another benefit of having a separate product as the Ewa Smartplug instead of a smart device with integrated software is that you can use the smartplug for various items. Want to use the curling iron after you have blow dried your hair? Simply unplug the blow dryer and then plug in the curling iron and you are ready to go!


How to use the Ewa Smartplug in your digital corridor

Plug in the electrical device you want to use in the Ewa Smartplug. Then simply plug the smartplug in the outlet and your device is connected! By simply downloading an app to your smartphone or tablet you can then use your phone or tablet to turn on or off the device regardless of where in your house you are.


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