Digital bedrooms – Enjoy waking up

Regardless if one is an early bird or a sleepyhead, it is always nice to wake up the most relaxing and comfortable way as possible. To be able to slowly dim up the lights makes the waking up phase a lot more enjoyable.

Having that first cup of coffee in the morning is probably one of the most loved things about mornings and it is a great feeling to be able to turn on the coffee machine already from bed. Then whenever you finally decide to leave the cozy bed and get up your coffee is ready for you. Maybe that way you who are tired in the mornings and often press the snoose button a few times before getting up can even find it easier to rise in the morning.


Setting up digital bedrooms in just a few minutes with the Ewa Smartplug

Setting up digital bedrooms is extremely easy if you use a smartplug.

The smartplug itself contains all the necessary hardware and software, so you don’t have to invest in any advanced and expensive “smart products”.

With the smartplug you can control things in your digital bedrooms. You can turn things on and off, dim lamps. You can even control things even when you are not in the same room – since you control the electrical devices with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the house.


How to use the Ewa Smartplug in your digital bedrooms

Choose which electrical device you want to be able to control. This could be things like the lamp on your bedside table, a stero, your alarm clock etc. Then simply plug the device in the smartplug.
The device is now, through the smartplug, connected to the Internet.
Now all you have to do is to download the Ewa Home app to your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to start controlling your devices.


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