Digital bathroom

Many of us has a lot of electrical devices and products in our bathrooms. This is where we make ourselves ready for a new day, where we shave, where we style our hair with curler irons and straighteners and maybe use an electric toothbrush to brush our teeth.

Since we spend so much time in our bathrooms, many of us choose to spend some extra time, money and effort into making these rooms nice and comfortable. And when creating a smart home many people also choose to start in their bathrooms. Getting a digital bathroom one can that easily monitor and control the electrical devices in ones bathrooms with a smartphone or tablet.


Set up a digital bathroom in just a few minutes with the Ewa Smartplug

The smartplug from Ewa can be used together with the electrical devices you have in your bathroom.

Since the smartplug itself includes all the necessary software you do not need to buy any new electric toothbrushes, curling irons, electrical shavers and so on. By attaching an Ewa Smartplug to the electrical devices you already have you are therefor able to set up a digital bathroom in just a few minutes!


How to use the Ewa Smartplug in your digital bathroom

The Ewa Smartplug is a smartplug that you plug your electrical devices to. You then plug the smartplug in the outlet and your device is not, through the smartplug, connected to the Internet. (The smartplug itself contains all the software needed so you do not have to by any new electrical devices.)

You then download the Ewa Home app to your smartphone or tablet and it will connect to the smartplug. 
Easy as that, you are then ready to start using the smartplug – you can now control your electrical device from your smartphone or tablet wherever in the house you are.


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