A Connected Home

An average home today has five or more connected devices, and like most people today you probably have more then a few connected devices in your home. Maybe you have a laptop that connects to the wifi, a smartphone and maybe a tablet. But why stop at having connected devices – why not also connect your home and let your smart home take care of things so that you can just relax and really get to enjoy the time you spend at home.


So what is a connected home?

Simply put, a connected home is a home that has some kind of device that is connected to the Internet. It can be a device that you add to your already existing things at home, like a smart plug that can be connected to your coffee brewer or your lamps so that you can control them from your smartphone. It can also be integrated devices like a light bulb that has integrated hardware and software and that you can use and control without extra devices.


The benefits of having a Connected Home

A connected home takes care of your home for you and can make your life more carefree and relaxing.
To be able to check on your house or apartment even when you are not in it gives you more control of what is going on in your home.

There are also many nice benefits with a connected home that makes your everyday life more enjoyable, like for example to be able to turn off the lights from your bed without having to go up or turn on the coffee brewer from the bed.

For many people it is also very relaxing to have devices like irons and coffee machines connected to the Internet with a smartplug or similar device, especially like times when you wonder whether or not you turned off the iron or not.


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