The name Ewa Home states it all. We are a family company, with strong core values and strong visions. Ewa, is the name of our mother and we love our home. This helps us in every step we take. Our core values are following us in every step we take; purposeful right from the start, a great portion of family love and Swedish design.

Our brand celebrates Sweden and modern Swedish design when it is at its best. Our mission is to combine the inspiration of the Swedish design with innovation and technology. We create functional, purposeful, quality products that offer an alternative from a complex world and the ability to connect to simple pleasures.
The Ewa Smartplug are made with everyday needs in mind and our aim of delivering the best design to the most people.

Founded in 2014, Ewa Home products can now be found online at ewahome.com and soon at selected stores in Europe. Our offerings include home and tech accessories, gifts and home goods.


Quality and security is our top priority. This is true for the design, choice of materials and the safe keeping of customer data in our database. We trust that you will not doubt the quality and safety once you hold and use our products.


We work with skilled industrial designers in order to make products that appealing to look at and that our customers will proudly show to friends and family.


We have tested forever and always aimed at peeling complexity and distraction away in order to use as simple and clean as possible. Our goal is to make everyone able to get started without having to look in the user manual.


We aim at providing as much smartness as we can into our smart home solutions and products without loosing simplicity and a seamless user experience. We want you to feel like you are getting a little but good bite of internet of things (IOT) and the future when you use our products.


Ewa Home – Terminalgatan 19A, SE-235 39, Vellinge, Sweden – Org. no. 556940-3115 – Email: customer@ewahome.com


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